i thought i sought no return – i was wrong

31 Aug

every mistake i can make i make it every mis-step i can take i take it every direction and back traveled hypocrisies, lies and double standards i’ve dabbled … perfect moments hellish days true love sex with forgotten names ambitions … Read More »

Spirit Before Mind

24 Aug

Spirit before Mind


Mind is chief before all mental conditions

If actions are of pure mind

Happiness follows

Even if a shadow never leaves

Blue in Green

24 Aug

Miles Davis – Blue in Green

as the blue flows the green grows

a falling choice looking back at unknowns

a modal tune as sadness looms

the same questions loop forever

a time again, lost friends

and second chances

like trumpet sounds and piano searchings

blue is green

green is blue

each time each person anew

a circle that turns in every way

24 Aug

Holy space a secret place A circle that turns in every way Into itself – unto all Belief in ways – paths quiet call In this room full of dreams The vision scued at reality’s seams Focus on the circle … Read More »

what do cities do?

18 Aug

Do city’s vibrate?  and pulsate under me?  What do city’s do?  Hum, sing, and cry?  What does a city do?  Does it live, die and fuck? … Is a city just the setting?  The stage of drama unfolding?  Do people … Read More »