Cultural progression, with all its permutations and combinations, alters music to become one thing or another, both, or none. In spite of evolution and revolution, technology and ideology, hierarchy and power, economics and justice the innate quality of music has remained. Doing innovative things in new ways, disrupting the established system, and being at the forefront of technological progress constitutes the musical imperative.

Music demands innovation, it is fundamentally “Open Source” because music needs the community to imitate, iterate, contribute and improve.

Music Memes: Organizing Sound

26 Jul
art of the muses

The word music comes from the ancient Greek ‘art of the muses’. Music was a fundamental part of how the Greeks understood their creation myths, their place in the physical world and their sense of destiny. Music was prevalent throughout … Read More »

Music Memes: Understanding Sound

24 Jul

“Starting with cries denoting alarm, passion, pain and joy, the human vocal cord gradually learnt to imitate sounds that were mechanical in the beginning… The mute man as he gradually began to articulate vocal sounds, soon found that like drum … Read More »

i thought i sought no return – i was wrong

31 Aug

every mistake i can make i make it every mis-step i can take i take it every direction and back traveled hypocrisies, lies and double standards i’ve dabbled … perfect moments hellish days true love sex with forgotten names ambitions … Read More »

Spirit Before Mind

24 Aug

Spirit before Mind


Mind is chief before all mental conditions

If actions are of pure mind

Happiness follows

Even if a shadow never leaves