Crystal Silence

27 Apr

I’ve been stricken by the beauty of this composition. The amount of music that emerges from these 2 men is astounding.

Norm Tweets His SNL40 Experience

19 Feb

Worth reading every tweet!

Gothamist turned it into paragraphs, perhaphs an easier read.

Dirty Work was one of my favorite movies when I was 11 or 12. I’ve always loved Norm.

For Rolling Stone to have ranked him so low is a travesty, even if it was only one writer.

Recorded Music, Award Shows & Choice

15 Feb

As futurist William Gibson describes it, if you had a yardstick that represented the total lifetime of the human species, the amount of time you could hear a dead man sing is thinner than the finest hair. It is very … Read More »

End of An Era

11 Feb

I am very sad, but retiring at the right time is one of the hardest and classiest things an artist can do.

Confessions 2004

8 Feb

Having flashbacks to 2004 – Usher’s Confessions album just dropped and I bought that shit immediately. Yeah was a great hit, a great song and a great video. But the entire Confessions album… man I loved it. I had just … Read More »

Brian Williams and Abundance vs. Scarcity in Media

8 Feb

Fantastic article by by David Pakman.

This article is succinct and therefore a must read for all media creators and producers. What destroys the old strengthens the new.

The age of abundance in media requires a more democratic approach to programming. In this world, platforms take little risk in the inevitable imperfections of humans. They cherish it. Because when it happens, they are the places where we all go to talk about it.